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I’m a mother, grandmother, retired teacher, and self-published author of children’s picture books called the Pelican Family Series.  I love learning and helping children learn.  I also love observing nature.   It was doing that, watching a long line of brown pelicans fly by at the Manhattan Beach, CA. pier, that gave me the inspiration for writing a children’s book series.  I have over 30 years experience in teaching in a variety of grades from preschool to grade eight; and I have  a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education.  One of the most delightful parts of being an author is being able to share my  books with others, especially children, and interacting with them as they engage with the characters and the stories. I have presented our books, accompanied by an actual-pelican-sized, green puppet, Pelly, in preschools, elementary schools, libraries, and at books stores, and events for families.  My husband, Ron, and I live in Bakersfield, California,(not really near a beach), but going to the beach is one of my favorite nature-observing activities.  Another super fun thing about our books is that our son, Christopher, is the illustrator for the series.  He is a Marriage and Family Therapist who likes to draw our cartoon characters,(and does a fantastic job of it).

Check out the Pelican Family Series website for more information and to purchase a hardcopy or digital copy of the books.

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