#43 — We are all storytellers.

We are all storytellers.

We are all storytellers.

I just noticed that it was World Storytelling Day.  This is a “global celebration of the art of oral storytelling. It is celebrated every year on the March equinox, on (or near) March 20″, according to Wikipedia.  It is important, as at one time, events, values, and history of a group of people could only be transmitted orally.  There were no books or written records.  So people passed on important information through storytelling.  Storytelling is an art form, and most of us appreciate hearing a good story. But, in truth, we are all storytellers.

Native American Storyteller dolls

I have always liked to see Native American Storyteller dolls.  Probably because they reminded me of mothers and fathers and grandparents and teachers, with all the little ones climbing all over them.  Having many children on the figures is one of their main characteristics.    The original ones, similar to the photo above, were made by Helen Cordero of the Cochiti Pueblo just south of Santa Fe, according to the Collector’s Guide, by Pamela Michaelis.  This article says that Helen Cordero made the first Storyteller based on her grandfather who would tell stories to his grandchildren.  You can see the first one she made at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, according to Collector’s Guide site.

Storytelling passes information to future generations.

Storytelling is a respected communicating method.  We may not think so, but, as adults in our world, we are all storytellers to some degree.  Why?  Because, it isn’t just “Big Brother” who is watching us.  Children and young adults are watching us, too. The things we do and say, as we go about our day, are often copied by the next generations.

Most parents realize the importance of modeling behaviors for their children.  They purposely talk to their children about their own lives, and, they show them how to do things they know how to do. They talk to them about their family, and tell them about what they value and believe.  And, they help them develop necessary skills for adulthood.  But adults who are not parents are storytellers, too.  Younger generations may copy words and behaviors of these adults as well as their own parents.

It is the week of World Storytelling Day.  We are all passing down our stories and behaviors to the next generations.  When we complain about what the younger generation is doing, perhaps we should look to our own behaviors and words, as we are the models for them.  The kind of storytellers we are in our daily lives is influencing the kind of society we live in.






3 thoughts on “#43 — We are all storytellers.

  1. Yes, we are all storytellers. My dad was a huge storyteller and I want to write them down. He frequently held people captive with his stories. Thanks for this reminder, Shirley.


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